Pavement Density Profiler (PDP) – Fast & Simple Pavement Uniformity Assessment
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Pavement Density Profiler (PDP) – Fast & Simple Pavement Uniformity Assessment


ississauga, ON – Sensors & Software Inc. announces the launch of the Pavement Density Profiler (PDP). PDP addresses the need to acquire density measurements of large areas of asphalt pavement quickly; in a non-invasive, non-nuclear manner, with real-time results.
The PDP uses radio frequency reflections from the asphalt surface to provide continuous profiling that detects the variability of the asphalt pavement density. Data is plotted in real-time to assess the overall quality of the paving job. Areas of high and low density can then be targeted for further investigation or corrective action.

The powerful and innovative PDP Features:

  • Real-time user selectable output of reflection coefficient, relative permittivity, normalized
  • Setup & Survey in minutes
  • Factory calibrated sensor – no need for complicated in-field calibration
  • Quick, in-field validation process to ensure optimal system performance prior to data collection
  • Automated reports in PDF format
  • Real-time Stationary and Profile collection modes
  • Data export in CSV format for further processing
  • Pavement uniformity map

The PDP brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to measure pavement properties.

To learn more about PDP, contact us or visit the PDP webpage.

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